Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for an EHCP

You can apply yourself as a parent by submitting a letter to the Local Authority. We can help you write that letter to ensure you have everything you need in it. You must also enclose all your evidence to show why your child needs an EHCP

The Local Authority has said no to an EHCP assessment, what can I do now?

You have a right to appeal the decision. If you come along on a friday morning at 10am or a Tuesday morning at 10am and we will go through your options with you

My child has been permanantly excluded, where do I go for help?

We will talk you through your options. we are completely independant and will be honest with you. We can help you to appeal the exclusion if that is what you feel you need to do. You may feel your child has been discriminated against, we will help you appeal to tribunal and guide you through the process.

My childs Annual review happened weeks ago and I have heard nothing since?

Contact us and we will help you to get an answer from the Local Authority. the annual review is not the meeting it is what happens after so you should receive a letter telling you the outcome, or you should receive a draft EHCP with the changes that were discussed for you to review.

My child has no education and an EHCP?

Your childs provision in section F must be delivered and the Local Authority are responsible. If this provision is not being delivered you should contact us so we can help you.

CIO number 1155280
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