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Child Contact 

It is important that your child is safe when using our services

Child contact services are there for children to maintain or re-establish contact with a parent, grandparent, sibling, other relative, or another person important in their life. It may be that trust has broken down or communication has become difficult following parental separation. If there is a risk of harm to children then a supervised service needs to be used. If you need a neutral venue for contact then you may use a supported service.

Not sure which service you need? Let us help you decide.

Supported contact

Supported contact helps to keep children in touch with parents if trust has broken down or communication is difficult. Parents do not have to meet and several families use the facilities at the same time.

This is a form of contact where the level of risk is assessed to be lower than might be the case for supervised contact. It is also used as a way to progress from supervised contact. 

In supported contact, direct observations are not made and reports are not written. Staff or volunteers will be present to ensure the comfort of those engaging in the service.

Supervised contact

Is there a potential risk of harm? The Centre ensures the physical safety and emotional well-being of children in a one-to-one observed setting.

This form of contact is provided where it is assessed that there might be a higher risk or greater complexity in a families circumstance. These sessions will be supervised by staff who are experienced in this role. 

Observations will be made, and reports will be written. It is generally expected that staff will remain within sight and sound of children at all times.

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