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What is an independant advocate

Independent advocacy involves championing the rights of individuals or groups without succumbing to external influences. Essentially, it revolves around ensuring everyone has the freedom to express themselves, addressing power imbalances, and safeguarding an individual's human rights through recognition, respect, and protection.


Independent advocacy serves as a guide through complex systems and as a catalyst for positive change. It plays a preventive role by averting potential escalations and empowering individuals and groups to acquire the skills and confidence needed for self-advocacy.


Its significance is particularly pronounced when marginalised voices go unheard, when vulnerability exists, or when discrimination occurs. This is especially true in situations where support networks are limited or communication barriers exist. Independent advocacy also aids individuals in maintaining connections with services that may struggle to meet their specific needs.

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Our Charity is dedicated exclusively to providing effective independent advocacy, as an independent advocacy organisation we focus solely on activities geared toward providing, promoting, supporting, and advocating for our clients.

Within our charity, we have fully trained individuals known as independent advocates. All our advocates assist individuals in obtaining the necessary information to make informed choices about their circumstances and provide support to effectively communicate these choices to others. In cases where individuals are unable to articulate their needs, independent advocates may also speak on their behalf.

We have advocates who have experience across many different areas and are very skilled at working with adults or young people who have learning difficulties or are suspected to have learning needs. 

We are also able to work with adults who are deemed to have minimum capacity and are required to fully take part in any proceedings such as court or police interviews.

Our Advocates all have individual skills and we will match the best person to work with you, we work in teams of two so we can offer a continuous service even if one person is not available.

Three main principles of advocacy

Principle 1: Independent advocates are loyal to the people they support and stand by their views and wishes.

Principle 2: Independent advocates ensure people’s voices are listened to and their views taken into account.

Principle 3: Independent advocates stand up to injustice, discrimination, and disempowerment.

“There is no such thing as a single issue struggle, because we do not live single issue li
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